User identifiers synchronization

Notix push service is powerful by itself but its power increases many times when it's closely integrated with your systems such as CRMs, ERP or some marketing tools. In this case you always want to have clear one to one relation between users/customers in your system or application and Notix subscribers. After reading this article you'll know how to do it it in many ways.

User in your system is identified by email, in Notix it has other identifier 9e8dca... you want to perform action: "Send push message to" instead of "Send push message to 9e8dca...".

Synchronize users during subscription process

You can pass user identifier before user subscribes using user option of subscription tag:

    user: "",

Read more about subscribe tag parameters

Synchronize already subscribed users

GET /mt.gif

GET query parameters

  • app[string] — Application ID (can be found in SSP)
  • user[string] — User identifier inside your system

If user is already subscribed by you and synchronisation can't be performed during subscription process, or user identifier was changed after user subscription, it can be performed any time using cookie matching pixel.

For performing user sync using matching pixel, you should display a special image pixel to a user, which is invisible for human because it's too small, but is visible by user’s browser and allows Notix to perform cookie matching with your system:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

Cookie sync pixel

Perform cookie sync between publisher and Notix, for later usage publisher's user IDs for managing subscribers. This pixel should be shown to user directly in browser (i.e. built on some page of your web site)

GET /mt.gif

GET query parameters

  • app_id [string] — Application ID (can be found in SSP)
  • user [string] — User identifier known to publisher