First steps in SSP

Step 1. Register in SSP

Open site in your web browser (Pic. 1)

Click Create an account and fill all fields in opened page (Pic. 2)

After successfully filling in all the fields, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions given in the email and your Notix account will be created

Step 2. Create InApp zone

Log in to SSP under a previously created account

Go to My sources in the left panel (Pic. 3)

Click the button with text Add your first source (Pic. 4) or Add source if exists

Choose Android InApp and fill another fields (Pic. 5)

If you want to integrate Push notifications, you need to fill in the Server Key and Sender ID fields. If only interstitial, then you can click Skip (Pic. 6)

Server Key and Sender ID can be taken in the Firebase settings of your project (Med. 1)

If you have done everything correctly, then you can start integrating in the application.