Subscription postback

Notix client can receive postbacks (server to server calls) about user subscription event. Each postback can contain additional parameters from tag.

Typically this process consists of two steps:

  1. Customize subscription tag, add all required additional variables. This action is performed by website owner (Notix client).
  2. Setup postback url. This action is performed by manager, please contact us to do this, after previous step is done.

Customize tag parameters

You can setup up to 5 variables during subscription process and receive them as postback to your URL, after subscription happens.

        appId: "YOUR-APP-ID-HERE",
        // .. other params
        var: "my_var_1",
        ymid: "my_var_2",
        var_3: "my_var_3",
        var_4: "my_var_4",
        var_5: "my_var_5",
        // .. other params

Setup postback URL

To receive notifications about successful subscriptions on your backend you should provide to your manager URL that should be called with placeholders for variables from previous step.{var_1}&var2={var_2}&var3={var_3}&var4={var_4}


Subscription tag

    var s = document.createElement("script")
    s.src = ""
    s.onload = function (sdk) {
            appId: "YOUR-APP-ID-HERE",
            loadSettings: true,
            var: "user@your.domain",
            var_3: "utm_source_google",

Postback URL{var_1}&traffic_source={var_3}

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